Sunday, 9 October 2011

Today Story

Hahahha today  i  was  realy  bz. Realy?? I don't think so.

7.30 AM My fiance  came  and  pick  me at  my  home.

8.00 Am  take  my  breakfast at  mamak  but  i  only  eat nasi lemak and fried chicken with 2 cup off  hot  tea 0. eheheh (restoran sayed tmn desa tebrau)

9.00 Am  go  to  work  as secret ma ;)

9.30 Am  arrange  my  delivery  and  ask my  driver  to  sent all customer  items.

10.00 Am...?urm...i check my  email.

10.30 Am attend  customer  complane.

1.30 pm  i'm  angry  with somebody who  is my step boss ahhaahah... he  asking  me  to  do  the  job that   i'm not  totally  involve in  my  job discreption. Why...? That company  was  not  pay  me  anything. Even  RM 1.00 ;)

2.00 pm  thinking  something. My  lunch...where  to  go?Help  me  to  fine  it.

2.30 pm. Still thinking  but,  that  is  about  my next  job.

3.00 pm  have  a  lunch with  a few friends. Where? still thinking.. dont  be  angry okey.

4.00 pm  prepare  schedule fo  the  next day. Delivery arrangement..

5.00 pm..say  good  bye!!

6.00 pm..go  home.home sweet home.

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