Saturday, 19 May 2012

Is your animal getting the care it deserves?

Is your animal getting the care it deserves?: Many of us have pet animals, and to some they are so close to our hearts that we allow them into our homes and sometimes even on our beds! On the other hand, some people have working animals like guard dogs, riding horses, drought animals and carrier mules. Be it as a pet or for carrying out tasks, animals under our supervision are fully dependant on us for their food, shelter and well-being. Having ownership over them, it is important to keep a close eye on their behavour as animals are also capable of getting stressed just like humans. Caring for animals, plants and all the earth is simply an extension of the compassion that we share with our loved ones around us. The Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation helps to promote a caring Malaysian society through creating awareness and a balanced approach to animal welfare for the well being of animal and mankind.
Getting educated on animal welfare is the first step to treating your pet better. Find out ways you can donate or volunteer to

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